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Canadian Senate Debate Essay

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The Senate Debate

Stephany Shenouda
PO110- Tutorial 5
Word Count: 1159
July 1st 1867 marks the date that Canada confederated into a nation dedicated to promote democracy. Canada would be governed by a Parliamentary system consisting of an upper and lower chamber of legislation. The House of Commons, being the lower chamber is made up of elected representatives from across the country, democratically voting upon bills. The upper chamber, the Senate is made up of 105 individuals specifically appointed by the Governor General to represent certain geographical areas across the country. The Senate is primarily responsible for providing a “sober second thought” on bills passed on by the House of Commons. The chamber revises the bills, and occasionally passes it back to the House of Commons if amendments are needed. However, the Senate has become the target of public and political criticism because Canadians have begun to demand transparency and Government accountability. While some argue that it is time to abolish the institution entirely as it is much too costly, undemocratic, and unnecessary, others are offended that there is talk of destroying one of the strong bases upon which confederation was built.

The ignition of the debate regarding the role of the Senate in our Governmental Institutions have arisen from corruption, allegations, and second thoughts regarding the need for the Senate. Senators make a g...

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