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Top business and accounting graduate schools ranked
Posted by AccountingWEB on Jul 27 2009

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For everything, there is a ranking. Accounting and business schools are no exception. If you're going to add another set of initials to your name, you might want to consider the quality of the source from which those initials are granted. Published rankings are not substitutes for due diligence in researching schools yourself, but they do give you an interesting look at how the pollsters regard the various schools and the programs they offer. Here are some of the rankings we've uncovered in the past year.

Voice of the Editor
I worked my way through college. Although I was pursuing a degree in journalism and English literature, there was a tax accountant inside, trying to get out. Mostly out of curiosity, I took the tax prep class that was offered at the nearby H&R Block office, and then I spent my last few months of college juggling classes with filling out tax returns at the local Sears store in the H&R Block kiosk. Read more Gail Perry, CPA Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, AccountingWEB [email protected]

Public Accounting Report 27th Annual Professor’s Survey - 2008 Top 25 Accounting Graduate Programs

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LY 2 3 1 4 15 5 7 6 7 11 11 9 15 NR 25 NR 13 18 23 21 10 NR

School Brigham Young University University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Texas-Austin University of Southern C...

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