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Canadian Troops In Ww2 Essay

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Canadian Troops in WW2
In the 1940s there were a lot of battles going on in Europe and around the world, which required help from other countries like U.S.A and Canada. The Canadian troops were involved in The Battle of Dieppe, The battle of the Atlantic, and in the Normandy Landing which was called Operation Overload. In August 1942, 5,000 Canadian soldiers landed at Dieppe on the coast of France. Their goal was to take the beach and the town of Dieppe back from the Germans. When the soldiers got to the beach they were swarmed down by the Germans. By the afternoon, 900 Canadian soldiers were dead or dying, 1,000 were wounded, and 1,900 were taken prisoner by the Germans. More Canadian soldiers died on this day than on any other day of the Second World War. The plan was starting to fumbl...

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