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Canadian Youth Essay

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Canadian Youth
The youth in today’s society consists of following trends, caring about reputation, purchasing the highest branding of cloth, and trying to fit in with the crowd. It is a structure built around the concept of feeling accepted by others. Why has it come to this? The lack of confidence is too common amongst teens. This is no different for the youth in Canada. Failing to create a voice for themselves or to at least express a personal opinion is overshadowed by the factor of fear and overall judgment. Why Kanye West, is Kanye West

Kanye is a character who expresses his opinion openly, even if not necessary, to show what he believes is true. He has never cared about, nor feared criticism.
Creates new styles in music and clothing with personal view. Trend setter because of his ambition to take risks.

Interactions with norms, social institutions, and roles
The most influential social institute is perceived as school. Every Canadian youth consists their life style going through elementary school to the final year in high school. Throughout the years spent in these social institutes, it becomes an important role in a teenager’s life. The institute beco...

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