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Canadian Youth Obesity Epidemic Realities Essay

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The youth today faces a very problematic situation. Young Canadians face the truth of obesity and the consequences of the condition. In today's world, these Canadians are not taking care of their body; they are not fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body. Thus, leading themselves towards obesity. What is obesity? Well, it is essentially a condition one faces when they consume more calories then they burn. If this continues, the individual would find themselves gaining weight, perhaps more weight than the amount that is healthy. Furthermore, it is concluded that obesity is defined if one has a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or over. Therefore, it is important to practice a healthy lifestyle, one that is beneficial to us and the people around us. Before beginning to address the issue however, knowing the causes and the consequences of obesity is essential; the realities of obesity and the solutions must be addressed in order to overcome this epidemic that today's youth faces in Canada.

Knowing the causes of a certain situation will help sufferers of obesity take the first step to eliminating the problem altogether. There are several causes that can lead to obesity and these are different for every individual. Overeating and under exercising are definitely causes that lead to obesity. However, there is much more to the iceberg under the water. Behavioural, social, environmental and genetic factors may also play a role in the development of obesity. Many individuals undergoing stress of some sort, whether it is due to their family, friends, career and society, they resort to food; they believe it is the way to cope with their dilemmas. Others simply lack sheer will power and self control. The public is exposed to different kinds of foods and they are advertised in an exceptional manner. Although, fast food tastes well and ...

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