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Canalys Press Release 110712 Data Cente Essay

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Press release 2012/072
11 July 2012

Data center infrastructure market will be worth $152
billion by 2016
Asia Pacific will account for a quarter of global data center investment in five years

Shanghai, Palo Alto, Singapore and Reading – Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Data center transformation is one of the three key trends driving IT growth in 2012, according to analyst firm Canalys (the others being consumerization of IT and enterprise mobility). Its latest forecasts reveal that the market for data center IT infrastructure globally, including servers, storage, networking, security and virtualization, will reach $128 billion this year, up 6% from $120 billion last year. Total investment will grow 5% on average per annum to reach $152 billion in 2016. Large data centers will lead this expansion, posting an average annual increase of 8% over the same period. Much of this infrastructure will be used to form the backbone of cloud services for both consumer and commercial customers.

‘On the consumer side, everything from social networking platforms to online banking servi...

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