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Water shortage in the Middle East could cause war and only international cooperation can solve the problem. The region suffers from Lack of clean water for drinking and irrigation, pollution of water resources, and a high population growth. Combined with a stagnant peace process, the situation is only getting worse. This region suffered from many Conflicts over water since biblical times. Nowadays, when rival countries share the same water resources, an international effort is needed in order to bring all sides to cooperate and generate a sustainable solution. Although water shortage is a worldwide problem, the Middle Eastern problem has some unique features. Water shortage in the Middle East is worsening over time. The high population growth keeps pushing the demand for more fresh water. In most Middle Eastern countries the doubling time of population is 20-25 years.1 The fact that many rival Countries share the same water sources makes it even more complicated. The Jordan River basin area, for example, is shared by Israel, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian authority. All sides have a growing demand for water and declining water potential due to overuse of water sources.2 Another cause for water exploitation is agriculture; Egypt, for example, loses about 18 billion m3 of water a year due to wasteful irrigation systems. Egypt also grows crops that demand large amounts of water such as cotton and rice.3 This is a vicious cycle: population growth leads to higher food and water demands, which leads to more wasteful use of water for agriculture. The desperate need for m...

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