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Julio Canas
Boston University
MET AD 642 Project Management
February 24th, 2014

EFC Capital Management, LLC performs comprehensive financial and investment advisory services to individual and institutional clients, in Miami, FL. The company is currently working on a project to design, develop and launch its new website. The team project has provided the details on the application of the most important Project Management concepts applied to this particular project.

Keywords: project management, project manager, website, team

EFC Capital Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) operating in Miami, FL. The company performs investment and financial advisory activities, focused on individual and institutional clients from Latin America. In order to enhance the company’s online exposure and to deliver pertinent information about its current services to current and prospect clients, the management has decided that it would be beneficial to design, develop and launch a website. The website project is currently on the planning stage. Thus, we provide details on the different Project Management concepts learned so far applied by the project team: Project Scope, Priority Matrix, Work Breakdown Structure, Network Diagram, Critical Path, Cost Estimates, Schedule and Risk Analysis. Finally, we provide a project briefing and recommendations from the perspective of an outside consultant. Project Scope

The success of any project depends on different factors, and one of the most important is the clear definition of the scope at the outset of the project. According to Munns and Bjeirmi (1996) in order to avoid failure, stakeholders and project managers must: plan with a commitment to complete the project, define the project properly, plan all the activities (i.e. tasks) to be done, and also ensure proper information inflows (a good communication is fundamental). Considering the importance of clear definitions at the beginning of the project, our Project Manager has prepared the Scope Document’s elements as follows: 1. Project Justification

EFC Capital Management, LLC performs comprehensive financial and investment advisory services with an unique approach to individual and institutional clients, locally and internationally. The company is registered at State level before the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. Considering the fiduciary nature of the company’s business, along with the current marketing and capture planning, EFC Capital Management, LLC needs to strengthen its online presence. Therefore, a website represents a good opportunity to show the company’s information in order to let people learn about our business. Additionally, the new website would give the company a higher level of credibility to its financial and investment advisory services, becoming an additional channel of communications with existing and prospect clients.

2. Objective
Design, develop and launch a website for EFC Capital Management, LLC:

3. Deliverables
Web design services cost estimate from three (3) different providers. Web hosting plan cost estimate from three (3) different providers. Web copy (texts) in English.
Legal Disclosure.
Translation services cost estimate from three (3) different providers. Web copy (texts) translated to Spanish and Portuguese.
Digital assets (e.g. pictures) purchased from iStock.
Website design layouts for the following sections: 1) About Us; 2) Services; 3) Social Media; 4) Contact Us; and 5) Legal. Completed functioning website:

4. Technical Requirements
SQL database.
Flash video capability.
Responsive web design.

5. Constraints, Limits and Exclusions
The project shall be completed in ninety (90) days from start date, which is scheduled for March 1st, 2014. The company will outsource the design and development activities. Any outside party must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and a Non-Compete Agreement. All intellectual property and designs created during the development of this project...

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