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Cancellation Of Agreement Of Sale Dated Essay

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This deed of cancellation of agreement is made and executed on this _____ day of _________, ________ at Hyderabad, By & Between.

The Greater Banjara co-operative Housing Society Ltd. bearing registration no. TAB-606 dated 7-7-2004 at Hyderabad, represented by the president of the society Mr. Santhosh Raja, S/o. Shri Bhupal goud and the secretary Mr. Subhash Reddy S/o. Late K. Srinivasa Reddy along with the society members (herein after called the “Vendors”) which terms shall mean and include their legal representatives, auditors managing committee members, General members of the society and their nominees etc., and assigns in Vendor. AND

4 GEMS RELATOR’S AND DEVELOPERS Office: C/o. Raj Bhavan Road plot no. 134, Suyog Nagar, Nagpur – 4400013, Represented by its partners, PARHEEZ.S.GIMI, Aged 41yrs, R/o. Behramhi Town Nagpur, BHARAT. S. MESHRAM, Aged 38yrs, R/o. Shivaji Complex, Mankapur, Nagpur, ASHFAQ. SAMNANI, Aged 40yrs, R/o. C.A. Road, Nagpur.


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-07 -12 -2004 -2011 -606 -7 00 000 07 078604 078605 1 134 15 18 1964 19th 2 2011 20th 23rd 3 38yrs 4 40yrs 41yrs 4400013 5 5.36 6 665088 7 8 ac accord act act-vii advanc aforesaid age agre agreement agricultur along amount andhra apc apolog arbitr arrang ashfaq assign attitud auditor author bad banjara bank banker bear behaviour behramhi bharat bhavan bhupal bounc branch build busi buy bye bye-law c.a c/o call came cancel carri certif chequ citi co co-op collect committe complex concern condit consent consider consult contact context continu contract cr crore date day decemb decid decis deed deliber develop discuss dispos dt due enquiri enter etc execut express extent felt fifteen first five follow fulfil full fund gem general got goud greater gunta heir henc herein hill honour hous hyderabad i.e inabl includ indian infrastructur instruct intens invest involv issu joint k knowledg land late law legal ltd made maharashtra make manag mankapur matter mean member mention meshram mobil month mr nagar nagpur narayanaguda narrat no.12 nomine non nos null object offic oper parheez.s.gimi part partner per permiss person plot posit pradesh presend present presid principl prior properti provis purchas r/o raj raja reddi regist registr relat repres request resid respect road rs s/o said sale samnani santhosh schedul search second secretari section sell serious sever shall shivaji shown shri sign situat societi srinivasa state statu subhash suyog tab term termin three thus total toward town trade unanim unfortun valid vende vendor vide vii void well well-wish wherea whim willing wish wisher wit year