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Cancer 1 Essay

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By: Krupa and Dhanya

What is Cancer?
Cancer is a type of disease or disorder related to malignant tumors (body cells gone haywire and forming growths which are harmful for the body).
A person’s body with cancer has no control over cells that begin to split apart, whereas in a person without cancer healthy cells split apart all the time and copy themselves to create new and healthy cells. This doesn’t happen in people with cancer because this process of cells splitting and recreating themselves actually helps spread cancer. When the cancerous cells (cells that have cancer in them) do split and copy themselves the new cells that were created are also cancerous.

Who Does it Affect?

Cancer can affect anybody at any age. But most
types are more likely to affect people as they get
older. This is because as a persons DNA gets older
their DNA may become damaged, or damage that
happened in the past can get worse.

Cancer has existed for thousands of years and
since WW2 scientists have kept finding better
cancer treat...

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