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Cancer Essay

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Shonda Edwards Com/172 Composition and Communication II Chera Rogers
University of Phoenix
April 19, 2012


Cancer is class of diseases characterized by out of control cell growth or tumors resulting from a division of the cells. There are over 100 types of Cancer and many that affect the African American Community every day. Cancer can be considered a deadly disease but also considered a curable disease if caught early.

Cancer can be a hereditary disease, meaning that it has been passed down through a generation of family members. The most common Cancers amongst African American are Breast Cancer in women and in men Prostate Cancer. Breast Cancer is a Cancer that starts in the tissues of the breast. Prostate Cancer is a Cancer that starts in the prostate gland. However both Cancers are ranked # 2 in the African American Community according to the American Cancer Society and Census Bureau. In 201...

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