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Cancer Essay

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Lung cancer is a complex disease that indiscriminately chooses its hosts and will complicate the lives of the persons it infects.

Lung Cancer

From the moment the doctor diagnosis a person with cancer, their lives will never be the same (Struss,4). Whether or not a person is one of the cancer patients for whom treatment is successful. That person plans are bound to be disturbed in some way (holleb,5). Cancer may cause turmoil in a family, changing priorities, and altering relationships. at times people even feal as if the disease has completely taken over their lives. (struss,4). For some people the case is that the cancer may grow and spread throughout the body, causing them to under go sometimes a tedious treatment process .

The term cancer is a Greek word for crab. Cancer is basically an abnormal growth of malignant cells ("Adults"). These cells are not foreign, but are in fact part of our bodies all our lives (Anku, 7). There are two major types of cancers, solid tumor carcinoma and sarcoma. Carcinomas are directly applied to malignant tumors and sarcomas are other major forms of cancer , these include tumors that originate from muscles, bones, or fibrous tissues (Lazio, 64-65). Cancer by itself is not deadly until it infects a certain part of our bodies. The part of the body infected is one of the many ways of categorizing the cancer to find out what type the person might have (Anku,7).


Lung cancer is one particular type of cancer that is more deadly and common than any other. Lung cancer is defined as being a tumor in the lung consisting of many mutated cancer cells ("Adults"). One of the danger factors involved with lung cancer is that if the cancer is not caught early enough it may grow out of control because cancer is malignant. A malignant cancer is a life threateni...

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