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Cancer Essay

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Cancer is the unregulated multiplication of cells in the body. This definition applies to every different form of cancer of which there are more than 100. For each person, the development of cancer probably derives from many cellular events accumulated over time, which culminate in one or a few cells becoming transformed so that they commence to grow and multiply in an unregulated, abnormal way. Although cancer might be the world’s second dreadful disease, but there are many different ways or different things people can do to avoid getting cancer. First, decrease the amount of fat in diet. People should be aware and consider the amount of fat intake. Many studies have shown that high-fat diets (especially saturated fats) are associated with higher rates of prostate cancers. Limit the intake of butter, margarine, fried foods, cakes, potato chips, etc., to a bare minimum. However, some fats are good, such as extra virgin olive oil (not fried) and grape seed oil. So, to be free from cancer, I suggest that everyone should be careful with foods which contain fat.

Second, avoid smoking and expos...

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