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Cancer Essay

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As the endless days slowly drag by, colour slowly fades from her once enthusiastic, once happy skin. Her personality drains away. She isn’t a person anymore, just a dull grey object, just living to survive, just awaiting the end. I could hear the obnoxious ticking of the clock, and the intimidating machinery surrounding me. Wires hang from rusty, cold rods as the machines lights flicker on and off with the push of a button. The plain white walls seemed to close in on me. These walls told stories of broken hearts and whished upon dream that were never to be completed. This chair drew my attention as its warned cushion exposed its self from underneath its dull, blue top. As my eyes focus clearer and get used to the stark, piercing lights, I found one imperfection, a small chip in the paint work on the ceiling above the stiff, squeaky hospital bed. As I looked to my right I sa...

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01 12 13 2011 25 3 a.m abhorr accept accid ago anymor around assist atmospher attent await away back beat bed beep bit blame blue bound broke broken bump buri bush button buzz came cancer car care ceil chair charg chip circl clearer clock close code coincid cold colour come comfort complet concern confront confus control could cushion dad daili date day dead death decis deep diagnos die disguis distraught doctor drag drain dream drew drink dull easi eeri els emot emphat end endless enough enthusiast even eventu ever everi exact expos eye face fade favourit feather flicker flood focus forehead forth found fragil frantic fright get girl go gone good grey hair hand handl hang happen happi head hear heart heartless held hidden home hord hospit hover imperfect import imposs inch intimid isn juli keep knew know lay let lie life light like line live lock look lose loud m machin machineri matter mayb mean memori million mind miss moment monitor mouth mum near never nightmar nod noth nurs object obnoxi one opalesc outsid pace paint pale parent part passabl past patient peck peopl person piec pierc plain practic prioriti puls push react readi real realli receiv red replac repli right rod roof room routin rush rusti said sat saw say second see seem self serious shatter shock signal silenc simpl simpli sit skin slowli small smell smile someon someth sound squeaki stand stark steadi stick stiff stori stream strong sudden suffoc support sure surround surviv sweat talk tear tell telli thought tick time today togeth told took top treatment tunnel turn un un-import underneath upon use ve wall want warn wasn weaken went whish white wide will wire wish without wonder word work worri wors would year yell