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Cancer Essay

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Cancer is a disease that results to an abnormal growth of the cells and form tumors which may spread throughout the body leading to the body malfunction (Radon & Raymond, P4). While there are various types of cancer such as lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer among others, this paper will focus on lung cancer and will major in the following: • The main causes of lung cancer

• The origin of lung cancer
• Transmission of lung cancer
• Signs and symptoms of lung cancer
• Diagnosis of lung cancer and finally
• The prognosis of the disease

Lung cancer occurs when the cell of the lung grows abnormally. The abnormal growth of cells results due to the inability to control normal growth of cells and cell division. Non-small Cell Lung Cancer and Small Cell Lung cancer are the leading lung cancer types. Non-small Cell Lung Cancer is the most common. Lung cancer was first discovered in 1761. It was extremely rare but in 1990s during the First World War incidences of Lung Cancer rose. This was because of the increase of cigarette smoking. The associate of Lung cancer with smoking was discovered by German physician Fritz Lickint in 1929 (, Lung Cancer ...

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