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Cancer Essay

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If you saw her walking down the street you would think to yourself, what an adorable little girl. You wouldn’t think she had to fight for her life. No, you would see an adorable little girl and how vibrant she is.

She was just three years old when she was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had not even begun her life and it was on the verge of being taken away from her. Like any other situation, she started off not feeling well, but her parents just thought it was a little sore throat and cold. It would go away in a few days with the aid of medicine. After a few days with the sickness getting worse, she was taken to the doctor’s office. She and her parents sat in the patient waiting area, anxious to be called to see the doctor. “I hope it’s nothing serious”, said her mother. “I’m sure it’s not hunny”, her father spoke softly back. “Cameron Choate, the doctor will see you now”, beamed from the nurse.

They waited patiently for the doctor to give his prognosis. As they sat there, they kept thinking what it could be and if it was bad. Finally, by the look on the ...

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