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Cancer Essay

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The Big “C”
By Genesis Taveras

They always say you don’t know the seriousness of a situation until it happens to you. I always knew there were bad things in this world, I just never knew they it would happen to my family, and if they it did I didn’t think they it would happen so soon. It didn’t really phase me until I actually got to the experience the process with my grandmother. In 2011 that’s when I found out the news that my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. In her bones, head and lungs which was ironic to me because she wasn’t a smoker. As long as I knew my grandmother (which was my whole life) she was the bravest, strongest old lady I ever met. Nothing ever came easy to her but she handled it with a firm hand. When she learned became knowledgeable of her sickness she never really liked to show her weakness to anyone. I became her closes companion at the time. Which This wasn’t much of a problem for me, since I was gladly willing to help her move around for her to get better. A month into it the doctor’s started to suggest that we treat her with chemotherapy. I wasn’t the...

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