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General Biology I

BIOL 151/151L, 4 Credits
South Dakota State University
Fall 2014

Dr. Yajun Wu, Ph.D.
Office: SNP 252A
Phone: 605-688-5974
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am-12 pm
or by prior appointment

Time: Sect. 1: M, W, F, 1:00- 1:50
Sect. 2: M, W, F, 3:00- 3:50
Location: SRO D

Instruction leader:


Course Web Site:

Ms. Kathleen Gibson (Lab Coordinator)
Office: SAG 320
Phone: 605-688-5973
Email: [email protected]

Tuesday and Thursday, 1 pm -3 pm
or by prior appointment

Time: M, T, W, R, or F (3 hr session)
Location: SAG 329 and 350

Mr. Wyatt Chicoine; Monday and Wednesday, 5 pm at SDS 100

The introductory course is designed for those majoring in biology, microbiology, environmental management, preprofessionals and related areas. This course will emphasize the chemistry of life, cell biology, genetics and molecular biology, evolution and ecology. Corequisite course: BIOL 151L.

Course Description:


Custom bundle ($117) of ISBN 1-259- 34147-2, which includes textbook, ebook, Connect homework system, and lab manual:
a. Raven, Johnson et al. 2014. Biology, 10th edition with CONNECT. BIOL151 South Dakota State University with select chapters. McGraw Hill. New York, NY.
b. Vodopich and Moore. 2014. Biology Laboratory Manual, 10th Edition with CONNECT. Custom manual printed for BIOL151 South Dakota State University with select chapters. McGraw Hill. New York, NY. c. Use the code in your textbook bundle to register for Connect in D2L. This will not cost you any additional money.

Textbook and Other Required Materials:


Turning Technologies Response card (clicker). Available through the SDSU campus bookstore.

While students are not required to have their own computers, access to a computer with an Internet connection is required for this course. Many course materials will be available on D2L. You need to visit the course D2L regularly and check related announcements and calendar to be aware of the dates for exams, official holidays, assignments, etc.

If you have a previous edition of the textbook, you can buy: a. The lab manual ($47.50) from the bookstore using ISBN 1-259-14993-1 AND b. Connect access 1-259-14992-4 from McGraw-Hill through MH campus in D2L. You will need to buy access. You can buy Connect with (~$120) or without ($66.67) the ebook. BIOL151/151L Syllabus, Fall 2014

1|P a g e

Understand the fundamental principles of the biological sciences Apply scientific methods of inquiry to investigate the biological world (refer to SGR Goal #6)

Course Goals:

As a result of taking this course students will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the scientific method in a laboratory experience. a. To meet student learning outcome 1, students will: Apply the scientific method to explore laboratory problems in biology.
b. This student learning outcome will be assessed through laboratory written exercises, online homework assignments, and quizzes.
2. Gather and critically evaluate data using the scientific method. a. To meet student learning outcome 2, students will: Collect, review and analyze biological data according to the scientific method.

b. This student learning outcome will be assessed through laboratory written exercises, quizzes, online homework assignments, written lab report, and laboratory exams. 3. Identify and explain basic concepts, terminology and theories of selected biological sciences. a. To meet student learning outcome 3, students will: Define and discuss major historical developments in the biological sciences, and identify and explain basic concepts in the biological sciences related to structure and function of cells, basic chemical building blocks of life, basic principles of genetics, inheritance and molecular biology, concepts of natural selection and evolution, and population and community ecology.

b. This student learning outcome will be assessed through lecture exams, laboratory exams, online homework assignments, quizzes, clicker questions, and written lab exercises. 4. Apply selected natural science concepts and theories to contemporary issues. a. To meet student learning outcome 4, students will: Utilize biological sciences concepts to examine and evaluate contemporary issues.

b. This student learning outcome...

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