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Cancer All Around Essay

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Cancer All Around
Cancer is a debilitating and dangerous disease, whether you have experienced it first hand or know of others whose lives it may have affected. We hear about new treatments and possible causes as scientists try to demystify this very enigmatic disease. Cancer is a very complicated disease, in that we have only discovered a minimal piece of the puzzle and cannot yet say what line of factors cause it. We do know that genetics contribute significantly, but we have also come to know that the environment has an even greater impact than genes. Personal lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor diet, and consumption of alcohol all have a profound impact on a person’s chances of getting cancer. There are over 100 types of cancer and it is a known fact that about 60% of cancer cases come from those and/or similar lifestyle choices. (Rappaport, and Smith) Cancer risk also increases with exposure to certain chemicals, bacteria, viruses and radiation. There are many trends in certain cancers, associated with different parts of the world and the environments that people live in. For example, the United States is known for its high percentage of obese individuals. Studies have shown that physical inactivity and obesity are one of the most important changeable causes of cancer. Environmental factors are usually associated with factors outside the body, but should we consider the inside of the body as a part of the environment as well? (Rappaport, and Smith) The answer is yes, the inside of the body has many factors af...

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