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Cancer And Heart Disease The Who Essay

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Cancer and Heart Disease: The who, why, and what of it
Instructor: Janet Ward
June 10, 2012
By: Brooke Bowman

Cancer and Heart Disease: The who, why, and what of it

Cancer and heart disease are the top two killers of Americans, but who is at the greatest risk; men or women and why? The first thing we must do to prevent ourselves from developing either of these deadly diseases, whatever gender you are, is to learn as much as you can about them both. Learning which behaviors you might possess, if any, that increase your odds of falling victim to either of these disease, prevention tips, and knowing what to ask your doctor are just a few ideas for what you can do to educate yourself about these diseases. Heart disease is a broad term used to describe any type of disorder that affects the heart. Not to be confused with cardiovascular disease which affects both the arteries and the heart; heart disease only affects the heart. There are many types of heart disease, such as cyanotic heart disease. This is when the heart is unable to deliver an adequate amount of oxygen to the body because of a defect or multiple defects. Some other types ...

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