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Cancer Can Be Avoided Essay

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CANCER CAN BE AVOIDED. Comment on this view.
Being one of the longest prevailing diseases without a cure, cancer has claimed the lives of many people not only in the South Pacific but the world and has left many families destitute and traumatized. Cancer with its variety and names depending on the area of the body affected has led to an unpredictable increase in number of deaths in a society’s census affecting the population by the bulk each year. This essay will argue that cancer can be avoided and intends to list and describe ways in which it can be reduced to a minimum. The essay will unfold in two parts. Firstly it will elaborate on the causes of cancer. Then it will briefly state solutions to help combat cancer.

Cancer is the result of abnormal cell growth and is caused when a normal body cell does not function properly. The cell grows and divides uncontrollably without dying out finally becoming cancerous and a tumor results and symptoms vary depending on where the cancer is situated in the body. However, the cell does not become dysfunctional on purpose instead they are the result of many unhealthy choices made by individuals, thus the intentions in the first part of this essay is to briefly give detailed explanation on causes of cancer.

To begin with, research has shown that there are substances which are directly related to cancer. Substances known as carcinogens are found to provoke the cells typical function and investigations have found that exposure to these substances induce chances of getting cancer. Thes...

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