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Cancer Nanotechnology Essay

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  …. Going small for big Advances

                      At present there are wide varieties of Technologies, which are vastly being used to analyze biological cells to diagnose diseases and develop methodologies to cure diseases. One such technology is ‘Nanotechnology’.                       A nanometer is a billionth of a meter. It's difficult to imagine anything so small, but think of something only 1/80,000 the width of a human hair. Ten hydrogen atoms could be laid side-by-side in a single nanometer. Nanotechnology is the creation of useful materials, devices, and systems through the manipulation of matter on this miniscule scale. The emerging field of nanotechnology involves scientists from many different disciplines, including physicists, chemists, engineers, and biologists. “Nanotechnology will change the very foundations of cancer diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.”          Nanoscale devices used for treatment of Cancer are based on the constant study of cancer cells and nanotechnology. Nanoscale devices which are smaller than 50 nanometers can easily enter most cells, while those smaller than 20 nanometers can move out of blood vessels as they circulate through the body.          Because of their small size, nanoscale devices can readily interact with biomolecules on both the surface of cells and inside of cells. By gaining access to so many areas of the body, they have the potential to detect disease and deliver treatment in ways unimagined before now. Since biological processes that lead to cancer occur at the nanoscale at and inside cells, nanotechnology offers a wealth of tools with new and innovative ways to diagnose and treat cancer.                          In our paper we design a device that contains sensors, transceivers, motors and a processor, which are made up of biodegradable compound. No more destruction of healthy cells due to harmful toxins and radiations generated through chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

         The paper deals with the eradication of cancer cells by providing an efficient method of destroying and curing the cancer so that healthy cells are not affected in any manner. This technology also focuses on a main idea that the patient is not affected by cancer again. The purpose of using the RF signal is to save normal cells.

Nanotechnology in this context

        Nanotechnology refers to the interactions of cellular and molecular components and engineered materials at the most elemental level of biology. This paper emphasizes on the effective utilization of Nanotechnology in the treatment of cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer cells are different from healthy cells because they divide more rapidly than healthy cells. In addition, when cells divide at an accelerated rate, they form a mass of tissue called a tumor....

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