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Cancer Strategy #7:  An Overload Of Toxins Causes Cancer... Reducing Toxic Overload Vital For Eliminating Cancer
An eminent German oncologist says that cancer is caused by environmental toxins. Others agree. While there are obviously other issues, fungus, viruses, genetics, etc., the major change in the world that could have lead to the explosion of cancer over the last 100 years has been the introduction of tens of thousands of chemicals into the environment. Chemicals that we had never been exposed to before. Ones that our bodies don't know how to handle. They overwhelm the defenses of your body and cancer develops. Unfortunately, if industry and the government they control have their way, it may even become worse. Biotech companies have been aggressively promoting the use of genetically modified food. It's a financial goldmine for them. Unfortunately, there are several problems with genetically modified food. Even the scientists at the FDA resisted them till political pressure from the top approved it. Every independent study has shown problems with the eating of genetically modified food. Abnormal cell growth being high on the list. And no wonder. Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception writes on "More worrisome is that the "promoter" used inside GM foods could get transferred to bacteria or internal organs. Promoters act like a light switches, permanently turning on genes that might otherwise be switched off. Scientists believe that this might create unpredictable health effects, including the potentially pre-cancerous cell growth found in the animal feeding studies mentioned above. "Milk from rbGH-treated cows contains an increased amount of the hormone IGF-1, which is one of the highest risk factors associated with breast and prostate cancer, among others. Soy allergies skyrocketed by 50% in the UK, coinciding with the introduction of GM soy imports from the U.S." Foods are not required to be labeled as GM foods.The only way to make sure you are not eating food that has been genetically modified is to eat organic food or food labeled non-gmo. Eating organic food will also reduce the amount of chemicals you are ingesting. Types of toxins in your body

There are several types of toxic buildups in the body that need to be dealt with when fighting cancer. First there is cellular toxicity caused by the shunting of toxins into cells due to excess acidity in the blood, and the inability to release toxins in the cells for that very same reason. Next is heavy metal and chemical toxicity coming from years of exposure to highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals. While many come from the environment, silver amalgam fillings, many vaccines and some other drugs put mercury and other toxins into our body. Most large fish have elevated mercury levels. Elevated levels of heavy metals disrupt the immune system, and must be dealt with when fighting cancer. And then there is the toxic buildup in the colon of undigested foods and hardened fecal matter. Nutrient absorption is disrupted, and toxins sitting in that decaying mess are reabsorbed back into the body. This creates a constant stress on the immune system, and a further load on the body's detoxification systems. Colon cleaning needs to happen on the journey to good health. The Chlorinated Water and Cancer Connection

Pathogens in water have led to many diseases. But did you know that what's put in your water to purify it may be causing your cancer (and heart disease)? The French, with their lower cancer rates from consuming OPCs and resveratrol in red wine, have made red wine famous for its health benefits. There is another side to their lower cancer rates that most people don't know... The French do not drink chlorinated water. They ozonate their water to purify it. Does this make a difference? Absolutely.

"We are quite convinced... that there is an association between c...

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