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Cancer Research Assignment Essay

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Cancer Research Assignment
Leukemia is a form of cancer found in the blood and the bone marrow, where more white abnormal cells are dividing quickly which could overtime outnumber the normal cells. Leukemia starts formation in the stem cells of bone marrow and develops when the blood stem cells in the marrow are abnormal. Overtime this rapid growth and division will cause the leukemia cells to overcrowd the normal blood cells, making it harder for the white blood cells, red blood cells and platelet to function. It begins by attacking and reducing the infection fighting white blood cells, making it harder for the body to repair itself and can lead to the development of other diseases, it disrupts the normal cell balance hindering the cells from performing their duties and when cancerous cells attack the bone marrow it causes numerous bone and joint pain. There are approximately over 223,000 leukemia patients in the U.S...

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