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1.1 The Definition Of Cancer

In medical term, cancer can be defined as an abnormal cells which tend to proliferate in an uncontrolled way and in some cases, to metastasize. Cancer can involve any tissue of the body and have many different form each body area.

1.2 The Relationship Between Diet And Cancer

In 1997, The World Cancer Research Fund and the American Institute for Cancer Research publish a report in which studies relating to diet from the previous 15 years were reviewed and their scientific evidence assessed in a consistent manner. Such a systematic review is an important tool for exploring existing research findings. This evidence was used as a basis recommendations. Various approaches to the study of cancer exist and new evidence is continually emerging. The WCRF are currently developing a systematic methodology for the identification, assessment and recording of information from the scientific literature to form the basis of new review. Worldwide, the occurrence of cancer is greater in the industrialized than in the developing countries, with up to 30-fold differences in rates particular cancer. This suggests that there may be important environmental factor involve in the aetiology. Many of these have been investigated in observational studies comparing different communities, groups within communities and migrant group moving from one community to another. However, such studies do not provide evidence of causality or information about biological mechanisms, and must be supported by experimental findings. Development in identification and measurement of biological markers and rapid gains in information about human genetics will provide opportunities to link observational data with molecular mechanisms. From the research done by the professional person who is make an observation about the diet and cancer find that diet may play a major role in the development of cancer. A number of dietary factor has been linked with the promotions of cancer. This statement can be proved by researches and health care professional that most of cancer cause by poor diet which is 30 percent, and state the first rankings of the cancer factor. The table 1.2.1 will show some proposed links between dietary components and cancer.

Table 1.2.1 : some proposed links between dietary components and cancer DIETARY COMPONENT
Moulds: aflatoxin
Grows on peanuts: important cause of cancer in some countries in Africa. Caffeine
Bladder , pancreas
Relationship very weak, at normal level of consumption.
Colon, rectum
Relates to tissue levels of iron. Not dietary intakes: may represent breakdown of iron regulatory mechanisms. High level of maternal nutrition/adiposity
Testicular cancer
Endocrine environment of developing fetus affected, predisposes both to undescended testes and cancer. Calcium
Colon and rectum
Weak relationship, possible action through binding of intestinal fats and thus reduces bile acid secretion
In additional, Cancers linked to environmental causes make up at least 80 percent of all cancer cases, according to a second new report by the National Cancer Institute, this one published with the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Environmental causes include exposure to agents in their and water as well as lifestyle factors such as smoking and diet. In our assignment we try to tell and show the several cancer that related and causes by human diet. Chapter two, will tell the detail about the cancer, the symptom of the cancer, causes also the treatment and the prevention way. For the causes of the cancer are only related with diet and environmental.


2.0 The cancer definition, causes, symptom, treatment and prevention.

2.1 Colon Cancer
2.1.1 Definition of colon cancer
Colon cancer also call colorectal cancer or large bowel cancer includes cancerous growth in the colon, rectum an...

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