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Cancer Research Paper Essay

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Marieb defines cancer as “A logical, coordinated process in which a precise sequence of tiny alterations change a normal cell into a killer”. The cells that divide uncontrollably are called neoplasm, or a tumor, and there are two types of neoplasm, the benign and the malignant. The benign neoplasm is the less hazardous of the two for it is a slow growing compact mass of cells. Once removed it usually does not recur. In contrast, the malignant neoplasm is more alarming for it grows quickly and spreads into other parts of the body where it invades its surroundings. The malignant neoplasm can leave the primary tumor and travel via blood to other organs to produce a secondary mass of cancer.

Metastasis distinguishes cancer cells from benign cells and according to Free Online Medical Dictionary Metastasis is “transfer of disease from one organ or part of the body to another not directly connected with it, due either to transfer of pathogenic microorganisms or to transfer of cells”. Some common mutagens are radiation, mechanical trauma, pesticides, viral infections, chronic inflammations, tobacco tars, saccharine and some natural food chemicals can cause cancer.

The importance of genes in standings with cancer is that very few carcinogens actually become tumors because the immune system and enzymes destroys it before it can do too much damage. And most cells make protein to stop cell d...

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