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Cancer Review Essay

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In the article entitled making the Right Decision for My Child with Cancer, The Parental Imperative, authors Janet L. Stewart, Kimberly A. Pyke-Grimm and Katherine P. Kelly (2012) discuss the anguishing decision that parents endure in making the correct treatment decision for their child that has cancer. The authors conducted research that specifically examined parental attitudes towards making the “right decision” when it came to the treatment decision for their child (Stewart et al, 2012). Parents are often facing extreme emotional pain and discomfort, but are well aware of the fact that they serve an important role of making the correct decision for their child at this critical time. The qualitative study was conducted among fifteen parents who had been referred to the authors specifically from the pediatric oncology clinical practices that were affiliated with the author’s institutions, and although the sample size was small, the study was conducted across a wide geographical area (Stewart et al, 2012). Instead of using just one theorist, ...

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