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Constitutional Income Tax in a state of civilization, it expects what Consultant and Researcher never was and what never will be. Thomas Jefferson

“A government that is afraid to let ist people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a government that is afraid of ist people.” “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”President John F. Kennedy Liberty is the right to choose, Freedom is the result of the right choice. “Great spirits have always encountered “None are so hopelessly enslaved as those violent opposition from mediocre minds” who falsely believe that they are free” Albert Einstein Johan Wolfgange von Goethe

Help us to abolish the specter of modern Help us to restore a government which has slavery which now threatens to destroy drifted so far off course it hardly resembles the essential rights and freedoms which the constitutional republic it was designed made this a great nation and the envy of to be. others around the world.


This paper is designed to educate you about cancer prevention by maintaining a healthy immune system. While this paper is free, the exhibits and books offered are sold at cost for convenience with the understanding that the Author and Publisher is only reporting not rendering or advocating any kind of medical opinions. Only a state licensed physician (MD, DO) graduated from an accredited medical school has this authority. The right to author and publish this paper, no matter how often nutritional cancer therapy is quoted supported by medical opinion, is explicitly guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution for the United States of America, the Supreme Law of the land. This written contract to which the federal government, the 50 States, and their respective agencies are all parties, including all elected and appointed public servants, state and federal, must solemnly swear by administered oath to support, obey and defend. Any person refusing to take the oath or affirmation shall forfeit their office, Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 6, Section 3.


One of the main purposes of this paper is to explain how We, the American People, have been deliberately deceived by government officials (namely these, Food and Drug Administration, Health and Human Services Administration) and the Medical

Hierarchy (American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, American Cancer Institute, etc.) who have systematically exploited this deception, to defraud us of our health and our very lives, by denying us Freedom of Choice in cancer therapy. Can any reasonable minded person deny that by replacing the bodies nutritional deficiencies will not return the patient to their original healthy posture, because cancer is a multiple-variable deficiency disease. In contrast, since surgery and/or chemotherapy and/or radiation were never part of a healthy body, how will these invasive therapies cure a sick cancer patient already deficient in numerous nutrients? In most cancer patients these toxic invasive therapies will destroy an already compromised immune system and kill 85% of there patients according to the American Cancer Society.


This paper is dedicated to Philip E. Binzel Jr. M.D., a brilliant physician dedicated to the welfare of his patients in accordance with his hippocratic oath. Dr. Binzel, a gentleman of the highest order had the courage to oppose the political machinations and harassment of the Petro-Chemical Cartel that controls organized medicine. This Cartel prohibits medical school teaching of nutritional biochemistry to physicans which is necessary to rebuild a cancer patient's deficient immune system. A treatment that cures cancer, without invasive medical orthodox therapy. This prohibition in essence protects the drug industry's profits. In contrast the American Cancer Society (ACS) statistics report a 15% cure rate for primary cancer or 85% will die within 5 years and 0.1% or one in 1000 will survive metastatic cancer, 999 will die using orthodox medical therapy of surgery and/or chemotherapy and/or radiation. By using nutritional therapy, taught by Ernest Krebs Jr., PhD, Dr. Binzel was able to cure 87.3% of his primary cancer patients and 70.4% of his metastatic cancer patients. All of the cancer patients he treated were diagnosed by other Physicians and supported by a positive biopsy.


The information contained in this paper about nutritional cancer therapy, a treatment I have followed successfully for ten (10) years under the care and guidance of my physician, Philip E. Binzel, Jr. M.D. is not meant as personal advice to use for the reader. The author stresses that a cancer patient must place themselves under the care of a nutritionally trained licensed physician. Dr. Binzel states “that the patient under his care cannot stop his nutritional program or the cancer will return”. Your immune system will be damaged without the said nutrition program. The actor Steve McQueen is a case in point. He was treated in Mexico for lung cancer and returned to California in reasonable health until he stopped the program and returned to smoking and drug use, which caused his early death.


To We the People

The following cancer therapy information will challenge your thought process and may be rejected because of cognitive dissonance (new information not stored in your computer mind bank). However, I can assure you it is the culmination of forty years of serious cancer research and is irrefutable because it cures cancer without invasive orthodox therapy. This regards a very important legal issue involving the Freedom of Choice by We the People of the type of cancer therapy they request to protect their health. The issue involves the fraudulent denial to We the People of a harmless food substance called laetrile (amygdalin) or vitamin B-17, by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Justice (DOJ). This fraud violates numerous Federal Court Rulings that state: “anyone that wants laetrile, in the noninvasive treatment of cancer can have it”. This in essence interferes with the doctor/patient relationship by the denial of a harmless concentrated vitamin (B-17) once commonly found in some 1500 foods.

This fraud was orchestrated by The American Medical Association (AMA) by prohibiting any non drug related therapy through the Professional Standard Review Organization (PSRO) enacted as public law in 1972. This law authorized the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (HEW) to create National and Regional Boards to review and compel physicians to standardize their procedures, treatments and prescriptions to conform to Federal Standards or be prosecuted by the FDA and The Department of Justice (DOJ). Thus giving the AMA total government control over the type of therapy a physician can offer We the People, as his patients.

A case in point was the prosecution twice of Stanislaw Burzynski MD a Houston, Texas physician for curing cancer patients nutritionally without invasive orthodox therapy. Besides his cancer cured patient’s testimonies, Robert E. Burdick MD a Seattle oncologist and faculty member of the highly respected University of Washington Medical School testified. Dr. Burdick evaluated the present day conventional orthodox treatments and tumor patients under going Dr. Bruzynski’s antineoplaston treatments. Dr. Burdick stated that “Dr. Bruzynski’s remission rates on brain tumors were far in excess of anything he or anyone else has seen since research work on brain tumors began”. Needless to say Dr. Bruzynski was acquitted in both cases of this government harassment. Dr. E.W. McDonagh, D.O. comments on oncologist Dr. Robert M. Burdick, finding's; The unfortunate person found to have a malignant brain tumor by DT scan or MRI has very little chance of cure. “It is very rare, currently, to ever get a complete remission or cure in a patient who has a malignant brain tumor, using our standard modalities of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. As a rough estimate, neurosurgeons do well to cure one in every thousand brain-cancer patients they operate on. Radiation therapy slows the growth of adult tumors, gaining perhaps one month of life, and again may result in a cure in only one in 500-1,000 patients, those cases being in the pediatric age group. Similarly, chemotherapy research, despite 30 years of clinical trials, has not resulted in the development of a single drug or drug combination that elicits more than an occcasional transient response in primary brain tumors.”

Dr. Burdick reviewed 17 brain tumor cases treated by Dr. Bruzynski. There were seven complete remissions, one patient having a second complete remission after he discontinued antineoplaston therapy, and his tumor regrew. There were nine partial remissions of 50 percent or more, and one case of stabilizing the tumor.

Dr. Burdick commented, “I am very impressed.... The responses here are far in excess of any prior series of patient published data in the medical literature.... The response rate here is an outstanding 81 percent, with an equally outstanding 35 percent complete remission rate. Such remission rates are far in excess of anything I or anyone else has seen since research work or brain tumors began. It is very clear the responses here are not due to surgery, radiation, or standard chemotherapy.”

This information comes from a painstakingly researched book entitled “The Bruzynski Break Through”, by Thomas D. Elias, which addresses, among other issues, the chance that the FDA is guarding the interests of the pharmaceutical giants by ignoring promising new medications from individuals and smaller companies; the controversy and outrage within the medical establishment surrounding Dr. Bruzynski's cancer treatment; the lives lost because of the FDA's red tape approval process; and charges of scientific dishonesty at the highest levels of American medicine.

Please arm yourself with the knowledge contained in this book, especially if there is a brain tumor patient among your family or friends. You will not get this information from conventional establishment doctors, surgeons or hospitals.

There are many remarkable case history presentations that demonstrate the suberb ability of Dr. Bruzynski's treatment. Many cases of the disease were so advanced that the patients were considered terminal---yet they recovered.

Dr. Bruzynski has won his long, exhausting struggle against the thugs of the AMA, FDA and all those who would allow the present-day assault on brain cancer patients. He continues his treatment of patients and the honing of the antineoplaston formulas that will enable even higher percentages of cancer cures. I congratulate and take my hat off to him.

The AMA instead of having the FDA and the DOJ prosecute Dr. Bruzynski for curing cancer patients should have endorsed his antineoplaston therapy so that other cancer patients could be cured with his therapy. At least allow this choice to the brain tumor patient facing probably certain death with the orthodox medical therapy of surgery and/or chemotherapy and/or radiation. Julian Whitaker MD attended and described in his Newsletter the gala event honoring Dr. Bruzynski for his 25 years of saving lives of cancer patients. While Dr. Bruzynski cured thousands of cancer patients the 150 in attendance were patients he cured with aggressive “incurable” or highly advanced cancer. Their orthodox therapists had advised them there was no hope for recovery with only months or weeks to live. With his therapy t...

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