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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Essay

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America (“CTCA”) is a network of cancer hospitals providing state of the art cancer treatment in the United States. CTCA operates as a for profit specialty hospital and health care network with facilities in all regions of the contiguous United States. With patient cancer survival rates above national benchmarks, the Mother Standard of Care has proven to be an effective model for patient treatment and for business success. CTCA has introduced both process innovations and clinical innovations to the treatment of cancer diagnoses. A core competency that has distinguished CTCA from other providers is the Patient-Empowered Care “PEC” approach. The PEC approach is grounded in the original vision upon which the CTCA organization was created, which is the patient comes first. This approach of multi-member care team providers revolving around the patient, as opposed to the patient being required to move from one clinician to the next for treatment has resulted in increased productivity, better communication among the member of the care team, and mos...

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