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Cancer White Paper Essay

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My boss has asked me (a communication specialist) to write an informative white paper about the business of developing new drugs for cancer patients. I must first inform you that cancer itself is responsible for many of my ancestors’ deaths. My birth mother passed away from heart disease (when I was nine years old), my father remarried and for the sake of this article we will call her my second mother (not step). My second mothers’ Father, brother, and sister were all taken as a result of cancer. My father passed away on 22 July 2010 from complications with heart disease from recent battle with lung cancer/mesothelioma. In 6 Sept 2011 my mother passed away from her battle with liver cancer. So this subject is very meaningful and extremely close to my heart. The content will be turned into a brochure for the public describing the four (4) major issues: a. The Economic Situation

To the layperson cancer may seem an expensive illness to possess. The fact of the matter is that society as a whole is hit by this terrible disease. In 2007 the National Institutes of Health (NIH) estimated the annual costs of cancer are as follows: Total cost: $226.8 billion

The breakdown is broken into two costs:
1. Direct Medical Costs (Which is all health related expenses) 2. Indirect Mortality Costs (Lost productivity du...

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