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From both sides of my family, cancer is a constant reoccurring problem and it is something that not only affects my family and me, but as well as many, many other people. Almost knows at least one person who has had cancer. Naturally we have a feeling of fear that we might one day get it as well, especially in children. However, cancer in children is very rare, but as adults, the odds of receiving cancer increases. Breast cancer is most common in women whereas prostate cancer is most popular among men. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in this country, and more people are getting affected with them each and every year. Cancer may be as old as the start of humans. During the fifteenth century, cancer was referred to as a scirrus, or scar. In 1775, Sir Percivall Pott connected common occurrences of scrotal cancer among chimney sweeps with their frequent exposure to flue dust. Until the eighteenth century, Europeans treated cancer by cauterization and bloodletting. Although cancer research has been continuous for centuries, the most significant conclusions have been drawn in the twentieth century. In 1950, Frank L. Horsfall, Jr. was concerned in discovering the causes of cancer. He thought that changes in the cell came from a change in DNA. Horsfall's finding that cancer is attributed to changes in the nucleic acid of cells provided a unifying concept for studying cancer. Approximately fifty years prior to Horsfall's observations, Peyton Rous was attracted in the physiology of cancer within animals, and found the first virus-induced cancer. This connective tissue cancer in chickens causes an increase of the liver and is deadly. Rous's original experiment included grafting sarcoma tumor cells from diseased hens into healthy hens. He noted that the healthy hens soon contracted the disease. Even filtered fluid extracts from diseased hens were contagious. Rous hypothesized that a virus may be the cause of the cancer. Cancer is a group of diseases where cells grow abnormally and uncontrollable. In all living things, normal cells grow, reproduce, and die. Chemicals and reactions within the cell contro...

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