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Candace Lajeunesse 12/16/14
Family Life-Tracey Period 5

Baby Think It Over Project

As a student I have taken the responsibility to bring home a child in my Family Development class to learn how it would be to be a parent as well as how it would be to have a newborn infant that you have to attend to all of the time. Throughout this experience I have experienced the reality of what a new mother has to go through and the process she has to go through with taking care of a child and how much responsibility comes along with taking care of one. I have learned that having a child takes a lot of time out of your day and that you need to show a lot of love and affection towards your child as it begins to mature. Further along in this essay I will share with you the experiences I have faced while taking home my baby, Antwon.

As picking up the baby from my family development class I began walking home in which the baby began to cry. I attended to it right away and began undressing it while trying to find the right key that would attend to the baby’s need. This is in relation to real life because when baby’s cry you need to attend to them and since the baby cannot talk you have to try different alternatives to find out what the baby needs. The baby needed a feeding key...

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