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4. Araw Ng Candelaria 2008
November 15, 2011
Maliwanag administration kicked off the 5-day celebration of Araw Ng Candelaria 2008 with this year's theme HALINA SA CANDELARIA, BAYANG MASAYA. A Thanksgiving Mass was held to bless the affair ensued with the Opening Parade with all sectors of society in their Filipiniana outfit, truly the people of Candelaria evoked the Filipino culture at its finest. The Agri-Trade Fair soon followed right next to the parade then the launching of Gulayan at Niyogan tagged as "Sa tamang PROCESO, MALIWANAG ang asenso!", together with Talakayang Agrikultura - a program to encourage Candelariahins to wellness and healthy living simultaneously aired live broadcast over DZEC 1062. The first day was concluded with a night of music and dances dubbed as Gabi Ng Candelariahin. One of the highlights of the commemoration is the instigation of the so-called Candelaria Health and Education Foundation (CHEF), a non-government non-profit organization that will uphold the public education and better health services. The distinguished kababayans to lead this worthy cause are Dr. Renato M. Reyes, Mr. Sotero B. de Luna, Mr. Danilo Garcia, Mrs. Zenaida Reyroso, Mrs. Ma. Gracia Nadres-Licup, Senate Secretary Emma Lirio-Reyes and Atty. Renato de Luna together with the other Board of Trustees Mr. Daniel de Gala, Mr. Panfilo Castro, Jr., Dr. Eric R. Punzalan, Dr. Ziegfredo A. Nacorda, Dr. Alfredo Cornejo and two(2) District Supervisors Thelma O. Magnayon & Noranda delos Santos . Coconut Tree Planting was another program revived in testimony to the recognition accorded to Candelaria, Quezon as the Desiccated Coconut Capital of the World. A mascot to represent Candelaria and the coconut industry in general was likewise born and was named by the Coconut Millers Association thru a name-giving contest participated by the Candelariahins, a whopping P30,000 pot money for its name COCO MAGNIFICO.

Another celebrated episode is the Ground-breaking Ceremony of the Candelaria By-pass Road Project by his ever dedicated Congressman of the 2nd District Proceso J. Alcala and the Flower Offering at the actual site of the signing of the decree founding Candelaria as an independent pueblo from its matrix towns Sariaya and Tiaong. Other events feature the original culture and tradition of Candelaria namely Street Dancing & Dance Showdown, the Search for 2008 Mr. & Ms. Candelaria, the Choral Competition participated by different schools and the Gabi Ng Kulturang Pilipino. Not to mention the presentation of the Coconut Product Innovators/Processors Awards for Handicrafts & Novelties that is given to a kababayan Mr. Benildo A. Belen of Brgy. Mayabobo. A successful Dental Mission and Teachers' Symposium also contributed to this year's affair. Two(2) noteworthy Seal of Excellence Awards and two(2) Certificates of Recognition, given by the Civil Service Commission have also been received by Engineering, Treasury and Local Civil Registry departments for rendering an exceptional service to the public via their PASADA (Public Service Delivery Audit) program. The Oath-taking Ceremony of the Federation of Parents-Teachers Community Association (FPTCA), the recognition of SPO4 Rafael A. Aguilar as an Awardee of Tunay Na Lalaki ng Quezon 2008 and the Awarding Ceremony for Mga Natatanging Samahan at Institusyon sa Candelaria were among the main parts marked on 5 August 2008 before the Gabi ng Kulturang Pilipino. The tireless mayor Ferdinand 'Bong' R. Maliwanag though has unsurpassingly given his commitment to fully support his administration's goal for the betterment of Candelaria and its people, undoubtedly and significantly SERBISYONG MALIWANAG

5. Mt. Banahaw
Pilgrims believe that Jesus Christ once walked on this extinct volcano. As such, it has become of the most famous destinations during Holy Week. The mountain is considered by many as a "Holy mountain" and is popular amongpilgrims along with mountain climbers. Banahaw is a national park and a protected area in the Philippines since 1941, and is now called Mts. Banahaw-San Cristobal Protected Landscape covering 10,901 hectares (26,940 acres) of land.[5][6] Banahaw is a traditional pilgrimage site for locals, believed by many as a "Holy mountain", a spiritually-charged location. The mountain and its environs are considered sacred by local residents; the water from its sacred springs are deemed "holy water" for allegedly having beneficial qualities, issuing forth from locations called "puestos" or "holy sites". These sites are unique natural features composed not only of springs, but also caves, streams and boulders; with names with biblical allusions, and shrines erected in, on or around them. These locations...

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