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Candian Tire Check Out Confiuration Essay

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In 2007, Mattel, the industrial leading toy company, had experienced its largest toy recalls in history. This new and complex recall had brought excessive challenges to Mattel in aspects such as crisis management, unexpected costs, healthy operation and even business continuity. Besides the highest global sales, Mattel is also recognized as a company with peculiarities in both production and operation:

The supply chain – Off-shored non-core production with huge number of distributed third party foreign vendors Centralized production design and marketing in corporate headquarters. Global Manufacturing Principles ensures the responsible management practices for entire corporate umbrella Cooperation with ICCA and other audit systems which secures the overall quality of Mattel.

However, the well-accepted “Mattel Model” was not perfect. Because of the unceasing recalls and especially the underway 2007 one, Mattel was striving to seek efficient yet effective strategic approaches to manage an...

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