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Careers Reflection:
Multiple Intelligences:
After taking the Multiple Intelligences quiz, I was able to rank my multiple intelligences from its strongest to its weakest. To begin with, the strongest strength that I possess is intrapersonal strength. Alongside with having intrapersonal strengths, I also hold a great deal of Logical, and Kinesthetic strength. Surprisingly, my third strongest strengths were Naturalist, Verbal, and Visual with a total of eighty points each. Lastly, my two weakest strengths were Musical and Interpersonal. Overall, I was quite surprised with the outcome of my results after taking this quiz for several reasons. The one thing that I was most surprised about was my strongest multiple intelligence which is Intrapersonal Strength. In general, I was astonished with this result due to the fact that, I did not realize how much I reflect upon myself on a day to day basis. After taking this quiz, I was also able to perceive the potential career jobs that would best suit my personality. These careers were something that I never would have thought of pursuing. Above all, I was staggered with the order of my results from the Multiple Intelligences Quiz. This reason being that, I anticipated for my strongest strength to be Interpersonal intelligence as I prefer verbal communication and I am very cooperative person. In addition, I never expected for one of my weakest strengths ...

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