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Candidate Assessor Explanation 301 1 Essay

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Candidate Assessor Explanation : Katy Ward : TAQA Unit 301 1.1 Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development: In my role as a lecturer it is important that I assess each of my learners before they commence any learning and development. At the beginning of a course the following intitial assessments take place in order that I can identify a learner’s needs with regard to planning (e.g previous knowledge, current skills, learning difficulties, literacy ability, preferred learning styles From the beginning at interview stage, I assess previous qualifications/knowledge in order to judge the level of the learner to make sure they are suitable for the course. When the course starts I create an ISLP (Individual Skills Learner Plan) for each learner. This helps to identify the needs of the learner including learning difficulties and any disabilities I need to be aware of. I also use a VARK questionnaire to identify the learners’ preferred learning style which will help me incorporate their needs into the planning of my lessons. There are many ways in which I use formative assessment in my lessons. Some examples include showing examples of work to make it clearer to learners what they are aiming for. I will indicate what ways they were successful in meeting the assessment criteria. I also provide verbal feedback in lessons regarding specific tasks on a regular and constructive basis. In my massage lessons in particular I observe the learners massaging and provid verb...

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