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Candide Essay

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Candide had eventually decided that in order to find the best of all possible worlds, he would need a proper education. For this he sought out one of the finest public high schools in the entire world, the Terrae Pingue School. This school gave the enlightened Candide the best chance of finding what he was looking for and creating prosperity for him in the future. Within a few days, Candide arrived on campus and was ready to enroll in his new school. Candide was extremely impressed with the new school and couldn’t wait for his first day.

Since Candide had never gone to school before, he had a lot to learn. Getting to know the building he knew would take time, but more important Candide concerned himself with meeting new friends. These were just two of the challenges of being a new student at the Terrae Pingue School. One thing that tempted Candide the most was the beauty of the females at this new school, whom were considerably more attractive than his lovely Cunegonde. Candide entere...

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