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Candide Essay

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Hannah Getchell
Mrs. Genvert
History 102

Candide is a very interesting book of the 18th century by Voltaire. Voltaire was a French enlightenment writer and was known for his criticism of religion in a satirical way. Candide is a French satire about society and religion. Candide is about a young man who grows up in a Baron’s castle under care of a scholar Pangloss. Candide is seen kissing the Baron’s daughter Cunegonde. He is therefor kicked out of the castle and must face the world he knows so little about. Candide leaves the country and joined the Bulgar Army. Candide manages to escape the army and goes to Holland where Jacques takes him in. Here he finds a beggar who happens to be Pangloss who tells him Cunegonde and her family have been murdered. Candide, Jacques, and Pangloss travel to Lisbon. On the voyage Jacques drowns and dies. In Lisbon Pangloss is hanged as a her...

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