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Take Off Your Rose-Colored Glasses
The movie theater: a common setting around the world where people of all ages go to relax and enjoy a movie of their choosing. One of the most popular types of movies that people tend to see is a comedy. A good comedy allows people to unwind while enjoying a good laugh. The library served this function during the 18th century, when writers satirized ideas through books and plays. Voltaire was one of these writers, and found it enjoyable to poke fun through the use of literature. Throughout his novel, Candide, Voltaire satirizes the optimism and order of 18th century society, forcing the reader to laugh at and realize just how absurd all of his/her ideals are, and, therefore, question his/her beliefs.

Voltaire challenges the positive attitude of philosophy at the time in order to point out to society just how flawed their beliefs are. By constantly detailing horrific events within his writing, he defies the thought that this truly is the best of all possible worlds. Throughout the play, the character Pangloss, who represents the philosophy at the time, constantly states, “This is the best of all possible worlds” (Voltaire 13). By juxtaposing the constant appalling happenings of the play with that line, Voltaire brings to question the ...

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