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Candide Essay

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Taylor Oppold
Mr. Wright
English II
7 April 2015
Candide Essay

Candide’s final statement, “but let us cultivate our garden” shares a relationship with “the pursuit of happiness” through the context of Candide, American History, Paradise Lost, and Modern Times. The definition of garden is a public recreation area or park usually ornamented with plants and trees. In the book of Candide this is symbolic of life. The recreation area is life in general and the plants and tree are the obstacles that occur in life. The definition of cultivate is to improve by labor, care, or study. Life must be cultivated in a way. The three philosophies in the book are optimism, pessimism, and memorialism. There are three different characters in Candide that each represents a different philosophy. The pessimist in the book is named Martin. He is a scholar that Candide friends early in the story. His depressed out...

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