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Candide Background Information Essay

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Time Period:
Enlightenment: 18th century France and England
A.K.A. the age of reason
climate of inquiry

Lessening Control of the Church
The Protestant Reformation- Martin Luther
The Printing Press
Scientific Developments
The New World (America!)

Philosophies of the Time
Rene Descartes (math)- humans, by reason alone, can discover universal truths Sir Isaac Newton- Mechanical science. All truth found in nature, rejection of supernatural religion. Emphasis is placed on principles of deduction (1687) Deism:

The clockmaker God; God made the world, then he let it alone, no divine intervention **Optimism:
1) Founder= Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz: German mathematician and scientist. World is organized to a pre-established harmony. There is a reason for everything that happens. Followed two main assumptions: 1. God is perfect, therefore

2. Of all the worl...

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