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Candide Essay
“Therefore, those who have maintained that all is well have been talking nonsense: they should have maintained that all is for the best,” says Pangloss, the apparent legendary philosopher, confidently in the book Candide by Voltaire. This satirical story is about a simple gentle man named Candide who struggles to define the meaning of life, good, and evil. In this book, Voltaire attempts to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the philosophy that everything is for the best of all possible worlds. Throughout the story, Candide goes through many adventures with the love of his life, Lady Cunegonde, and faces many hardships. It is through these hardships of Candide that Voltaire ridicules the faults of Pangloss’s philosophy that everything is for the best in this best of all worlds.

Candide is born in the castle of Baron Thunder-ten-tronckh, where Pangloss is considered the best scholar. For his entire childhood, Candide is taught from Pangloss that everything is for the best and that even the events that seem evil eventually contribute to a bigger and better cause. However, as Candide gets out into the real world, he finds many contradictions and doubts this philosophy numerous times.

The first time that Candide doubt...

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