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"A guy walks into a bar and says, "Ouch." Many are familiar with this ancient pun. Very often, jokes are told that begin with a character walking into a bar. This joke, however, satirizes those clichés and while sounding very foolish, the anecdote is still sensible, much like the humor performed in Voltaire's Candide. The novel is essentially a satire, itself, on the many philosophies of life, mainly the belief of optimism. Voltaire's humor throughout Candide's adventures become more ridiculous and simultaneously, hilarious to achieve his paradox on the ideals of life.

Voltaire includes a variety of comedic elements in Candide, including: sarcasm, paradoxical remarks, and outright ludicrous humor. However, Voltaire does not introduce this humor immediately. He basically "sets up" the reader for what appears to be a novel about philosophical optimism, but then incorporates his satiric comedy, which provides for a better comedic performance. The humor is unexpected and that is what allows for this delayed comedy to work. For example, the first real occurrence or humor does not appe...

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