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Candide Paper Essay

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Although much of 17th and 18th century literature offers the reader comfort in a perfectly happy ending, Volatire’s Candide alters the happily ever after that other characters might receive. With dark humor, the ending of Candide seems less than ideal, especially after the amount of suffering Candide the other characters endured. However, Candide survives his experience learned, and his ideals changed. The ending of Candide is fulfilling through Candide’s moral and spiritual development, as Candide alter his values and learns to move forward from his experiences, finds a more realistic outlook to life, and learns the value of hard work. Through experience, Candide learns to move forward from suffering instead of wasting time contemplating upon his fortunes. Although trialed by his journey, there are many instances where Candide is humbled in his self-pity by the far mo...

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