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Candide Questions Essay

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Candide Questions
1. Describe three targets of Voltaire’s satires in Candide? Using Candide, cite one example for each.

In Candide, there are three targets: religion, optimism and the military. An example for criticism of religion is on page 10, “When a brutish sailor struck him roughly and laid him sprawling; but with the violence of the blow he himself tumbled head foremost overboard… Honest James ran to his assistance, hauled him up, and from the effort he made was precipitated into the sea in sight of the sailor, who left him to perish, without deigning to look at him”. Even though James was “good” and the sailor was evil and selfish, James was the one who died. Voltaire is targeting religion, because supposedly, a Christian should “love thy neighbor”. This is also an example of criticism of optimism. The unreasonable reasoning of Pangloss makes this situation ironic. Another example for criticism of optimism is on page 49, “They saw a negro stretched upon the grou...

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