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Candidiasis Essay

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HALDE & ARAGON studied the incidence of yeast-like organisms in the lower genital tract of 171 pregnant and 16 non-pregnant Filipino women. They were able to isolate such organisms from 44 (25.7%) of the pregnant women, but not from the nonpregnant women. Of the Candidas, Candida albicans, Candida trolhicalis, Candida krusei, Candida guilliermondi, and Candida stellatoidea were isolated. The importance of mycotic infection as the cause of vulvovaginitis and pruritus vulvae in pregnant women was emphasized since 39.3% of the cases showed abundant growth of Candida albicans or Candida tropicalis in culture. Conversely, the presence of these yeast-like organisms, even Candida albican, in the vagina of pregnant women did not mean they would develop vulvovaginitis. Nearly one-fourth (22.5%) of the asymptomatic women had various species of these organisms in the vagina. REYES & REYES determined the presence of Candida albicans in the mouths of 509 Filipino children with no detectable lesions. The ages ranged from 3 months to 10 years. Isolates of Candida were obtained from 162 (31.8%) and of these, 119 were Candida albicans. This indicated that one out of five children with normal mouths harboured Candida albicans, posing a problem in the cultural confirmation of oral candidiasis. The same authors 16 also examined 5,722 children who consulted the Outpatient Pediatric Clinic of the Philippine General Hospital. They searched for mouth lesions suggesting oral candidiasis. Sixty-eight patients (1.19%) presented such lesions in the form of whit...

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