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Candle Essay

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|Title: Candlemaking | |Specific purpose: To inform my audience on how to make | |candles.  | |Attention Getter |What comes to mind when you see candles? We associate candles with celebrations (like birthdays) or | |Citing source |special occasions. Accoridng to Wikipedia,candles date back to the Ancient Egyptians who are credited | | |with making the first candles. | | |I’m sure that all of us at some point have used candles for celebrations, romantic experiences, or for | |Reference to the audience: |just plain decoration. The great part about making your own candles is that they are inexpensive to make| | |and you shape the wax into something special. What could be more special than to make someone you love a| | |homemade gift? | |Rhetorical question | | |Preview/outline of the main |I will explain three basic things which include how to go about finding the right materials, how to melt| |parts  |the wax, and how to make a molde...

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