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Candle Safety Essay

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REVISED STANDARDS FOR FIRE SAFETY FOR CANDLES & CANDLE ACCESSORIES Recently, ASTM has announced the release of newly revised standards, ASTM F2417, Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candles, and ASTM F2601, Standard Specification for Fire Safety for Candle Accessories. Their previous versions have been replaced by the 2009 editions.

BACKGROUND ASTM F2417 was developed to create the minimum safety requirements for candles. Candles are defined as flame-producing devices which present a potential harzard to the user. These include e.g. altar candle, birthday candle, and Easter, Paschal, sacramental candle. There are three main safety evaluations for candles mentioned in this standard, including:

• the Burning Performance Test, • Stability Test, • Flammability Test for Tea Light Cup. The safety requirements in ASTM F2601 were intended for candle accessories. Candle accessories are defined as objects designed, intended, or marketed f...

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