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Cavite National High School


Background of the Study 5
Statement of the Problem 5 Significance of the Study 5
Scope and Limitation 5 IV. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 6 Function/Importance/Role of oil in Candle Making 7

Different sources of oil 8

Cooking oil as a component for Candle Making (Past Studies) 9 V. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION 10
Lifespan of the Candles 10 Height of Candle Left after Lighting for a Certain Period 11 Longevity of the Candle Flame 12

Surveyed in Terms of Colour, Luminosity, and Fragrance. 14



Creation of candles tested by utilizing waste cooking oil or used cooking oil that can be a profitable asset for improving the candle making process, which is the primary concern of this study.

Four different candles were used three of which were made by utilizing different kinds of cooking oil used in cooking chicken, pork and fish. Lifespan, height after lighting at a certain period of time, marketability and time it takes the flame to die out in an open air was gathered and analyzed through different tests and surveys.

Three trials were done for each test and the table shows the results. The results showed that commercial candles have longer lifespan and is higher even if it is left lighted for 5 hours. The third test showed that candle with 80% paraffin wax and 20% used chicken oil’s flame has the ability of withstanding air giving it a longer time. While the marketability test showed that the respondents preferred the a candle made from 80% paraffin wax and 20% used cooking oil, in terms of color, luminosity and fragrance.

The effect of used cooking oil in the candle making process was seen although it is not totally obvious. Adding used cooking oil in candle can slightly improve its lifespan and can give better appearance to those who likes their candles stylish. _____________________________________________________________________________


There are four main set-ups used in this study. The first set-up consisted of 80% paraffin wax and 20% used chicken oil. The second set-up contains 80% paraffin wax and 20% fish oil. The third set-up has 80% paraffin wax and 20% used pork oil and the fourth set-up, which is a commercial candle, only consisting paraffin wax and some chemicals, added by the manufacturer. All set-ups have a wick of the same length and thickness.

Creation of Candles:
A block of paraffin wax was cut into smaller pieces and melted. The Styrofoam cup used, as the molder was then prepared including the candlewicks where the molten paraffin wax was be poured. Molten wax was then poured and with the help of a stick the candlewick remained center. The candle was set aside to cool and afterwards the Styrofoam was cut to get the hardened candle out of the molder.

Testing the Candles:
Lighting them all up tested candles. The first property tested was the lifespan. The second property is the height of the candle left after keeping it lighted for 5 hours. Time of when the flame dies out in a certain period of time was the third property tested. The first three properties required the candles to be lightened. And the last factor tested is the marketability of the candles by conducting a survey in terms of color, luminosity, and fragrance.

Data Analysis:
To determine the varying effects of the four set-ups, the result of each test in each trial was recorded. Lastly, the average for each test was computed.


Background of the Study

Candle is a cylindrical piece of wax or other fatty substance surrounding a wick, which is burned to produce light (Collins,2003). It can be used for household emergencies , for removing earwax and removing offensive odors ( Joane F. Libranda) . It can be made out of paraffin , stearin , wax , gel and others . The size of the flame and the level of burning are controlled by the candle wick , which is made from cottong ( Anna Carmela R. Santiago). One of the primary components of candle is oil. Cooking oil is primarily made up of vegetable oil , with no additives , preservatives . or special flavourings (Secrest,2012). After the usage of this oil , proper way of disposal is a common problem in households as it causes blockage in the drainage and ...

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