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The society of this world is concerned on three things. Wealth, success and breathing. When you ask people what they enjoy doing, one out of five people would not say it’s their job. Whatever their job may be most people do what they do to make the money they must have to live and be successful in these Troubled times. If offered people would take a job that they loved and enjoy doing on the spot. People just want to be happy as well as successful , Not saying that people are not happy with their careers but most are not satisfied with the way there life’s have ended up. If given the option most would change the direction on their career or the whole career in general. Now given yourself the chance would you. If I was given the option I would go in the direction that my heart takes me when thinking about what I want to be for the bulk of my adult life, and that is making specialty candles for people as well as couples, because it is seldom , a good business and as well as creative. Some may think that the idea of producing candles for a lifetime career is not the smartest idea but then tell me what is the correct motive. People have their own opinions...

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